Business Strategy

We work with you to refine your business strategy and guide your organization to establish and lead in new market segments that deliver sustainable and significant financial growth to your company.

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Technology Commercilization

Technology development is accelerating faster than any other time in history, and it's not just delivering new gadgets to market.  Platform, shared economy and access based business models are replacing the established incumbent "brick and mortar" businesses almost overnight.  Corporate Darwinism is key to survival and that requires thinking outside of the box.  We are experts at analytics, automation, and service oriented technologies.

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Change Management

We are change management experts that leverage your organization’s existing capabilities, integrate disruptive technologies, and align business units to deliver practical, differentiated solutions.

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Corporate Darwinism

Visionary and strategic business innovator, with deep understanding of the upstream industry, a broad leadership capacity, and a proven track record in business development and project execution. These traits position me well to create, communicate and advance strategic priorities and value creation initiatives.

Deep technical knowledge of asset, field and well operations, as well as broad industry understanding of organizational capabilities and restraints, and business environment drivers and trends, and a unique capability to envision disruptive challenges and opportunities.

Innately creative, with an out-of-the-box mindset, enables me to create simple, innovative and differentiated solutions to complex problems by deconstructing problems into their basic parts and communicating solutions in an easy to understand manner.  I link strategy to tactics, anticipate consequences of decisions, perceive obstacles to implementation, and critically evaluate arguments and predict performance.

Highly adaptable and practical, I seek to initially understand existing company capabilities and challenges, then create new business opportunities through the introduction and integration of technologies, the strategic alignment of organizational metrics, and the creation of alternative business models.

Organizational activator that thrives on solving difficult problems. I enjoy teaching, mentoring and energizing highly diverse, multi-disciplinary teams and can motivate, influence, and enroll executives, managers, & employees in change initiatives.


Get out of the box!

Let us help you adapt to and lead in this dynamic market.  We'll help you connect the dots and deliver new solutions that are outside the box.